Quick Start Guide


Security context

  • List supported security context types (with attributes to be set):
    bin/jsaga-help -s missing
  • Example: create a VOMS proxy
    bin/jsaga-context-init VOMS

Data management

  • List supported data management protocols (with supported contexts):
    bin/jsaga-help -d context
  • Example: list entries of local root directory
    bin/jsaga-ls -l $URL

Execution management

  • List supported execution management technologies (with supported contexts):
    bin/jsaga-help -j context
  • Example: get the coordinated universal time on standard output
    bin/jsaga-job-run -Executable /bin/date -Arguments --utc -r $URL
  • Example: get the woker node host name in output file
    # don't forget to escape special characters to prevent them from being interpreted by your shell
    bin/jsaga-job-run -Executable /bin/hostname -Output output.txt -FileTransfer 'result.txt\<output.txt'
    # or create a job description file
    cat << EOF > job.txt
    Executable /bin/hostname
    Output output.txt
    FileTransfer result.txt<output.txt
    bin/jsaga-job-run -f job.txt -r $URL