Related Projects

  • Enterprise grid with Local Infrastructure and Services for @pplicationsElis@

    A portal to industrial and research grid infrastructures, by British Telecom

  • Java Jobs Submission JJS

    A tool to efficiently submit collections of short-life jobs to EGEE, by CC-IN2P3

  • Java Universal eXplorer JUX

    A multi-protocol file browser, by CC-IN2P3

  • SimExplorerSimExplorer

    SimExplorer is a software designed for managing simulation experiments and to some extent the scientific quality of the modeling process. It provides an environment with a set of tools to help to build experimental design on complex models. It provides transparent distribution of the computational load on multi-core computers, clusters and grid environments thanks to JSAGA.

  • jCAEjCAE

    jCAE is a tool for Computer Aided Engineering with support for distributed computing facilities, developed by EADS Research Center in India.

  • Pandora Gateway

    Pandora Gateway is a platform developed by maatG company, for using grid infrastructures. This platform is used for several grid projects, including Health-e-Child and neuGRID.