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  LOGSI (LOGging Service OGSI-compliant)

This logging service as been developed to fill logging's specific requirements for user-level grid applications:
       log reports centralization
       log reports structured as XML data to facilitate a later filtering (XPath)
       log reports confidentiality or integrity, if required
       legacy log reports extraction and structuration
       de-facto standards logging interfaces implementations (log4cplus, log4j)

It is also suitable for grid middleware log reports centralization, by using the LogRedirector (configuration files for extracting and formating log reports generated by EDG middleware are provided as an example), or in some cases by modifying the logging configuration file (with Globus Toolkit 3+ for example).

It can also be use outside the grid, with or without sending log reports through the grid service.


You can download the client binaries from here :
       Log generation command line interface (to be sent with your grid job)
       Log Redirector command line interface (requires Java 1.4+)
       Log consultation graphical user interface (requires Java 1.4+, run "java -jar installGripiGUI.jar" to install it)


You can download the documentation from here:
       Quick Start Guide
       Full documentation about the services and the LogRedirector CLI

    Last updated : 2004, november 22th

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